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Does Agility Robotics’ Digit live up to its hype in the competitive robotics industry? Our agility robotics digit review dives into its actual performance, ease of integration, and potential ROI, delivering the unvarnished truth without the usual marketing gloss.

Key Takeaways

  • Digit, created by Agility Robotics and awarded the RBR50 Robot of the Year in 2023, integrates advanced sensors and cloud-based management to potentially revolutionize industrial automation in sectors such as logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing. Robotic systems play a crucial role in enhancing these automation processes.
  • Designed for ease of assembly and use, Digit operates in collaboration with vehicles for movement and is housed in controlled environments adhering to safety standards, emphasizing its synergistic and practical design suitable for immediate deployment in industrial settings.
  • Digit exhibits versatility in performance through real-world applications, indicating substantial operational efficiency and reliability across various tasks and environments, which, along with its advanced adaptability, makes it a promising investment for companies seeking to integrate cutting-edge automation technology.

“Introducing Digit: The Future of Industrial Automation?”

The unveiling of Digit by Agility Robotics forever altered the landscape of humanoid robots. This marvel of engineering, which clinched the first-ever RBR50 Robot of the Year award in 2023, is not just a testament to the prowess of agility robotics but also a beacon for the future of tech in industrial automation. Equipped with an array of sensors, including Lidar and four Intel RealSense depth cameras, Digit represents the pinnacle of human-robot interaction. Furthermore, the use of Agility Arc, a sophisticated cloud platform, has significantly streamlined the management of robot operations.

But what does this mean for industries eyeing the promise of automation? Digit is poised to be more than just another robot; it’s a potential game-changer for sectors like logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing. Digit fits seamlessly into the category of robotic solutions, offering practical applications that can revolutionize these industries. While Agility Robotics shares compelling visions of Digit’s capabilities, we’re here to scrutinize these claims and see if this robot can indeed walk the talk.

In our in-depth exploration of Digit’s world, we will:

  • Evaluate its competitiveness against industry giants like Boston Dynamics
  • Assess its ability to carry out tasks and gracefully move across the floor
  • Examine its year-over-year performance

Will Digit be the end-all solution for industrial automation needs? Let’s find out.

“Getting Digit Up and Running”

Agility Robotics Digit review

Digit’s setup process, leveraging advanced robotic technology, is designed for convenience and efficiency. Its compact design is not only a space-saver but also simplifies the transition from unboxing to operational readiness, ensuring that companies can deploy this tech marvel without delay. The assembly process, involving the attachment of pre-constructed legs with alignment pins and securing them with the provided torque adaptor, is straightforward and echoes the robot’s user-friendly ethos.

Digit isn’t a standalone unit; it operates in concert with a specially designed vehicle that provides both the brainpower for navigation and the juice for its batteries. Safety isn’t an afterthought either, as workcells for Digit are constructed to meet stringent industry safety standards, ensuring that when Digit is moving about, it’s in a secure and controlled environment.

“Digit’s Blueprint: Form Meets Function”

Agility Robotics Digit pointing

Upon initial inspection, one can observe that Digit’s striking form exemplifies Agility Robotics’ dedication to creating robots that not only serve a functional purpose but also seamlessly integrate into human environments. With limbs designed for responsive, dynamic movement and a sensor-rich torso, Digit is crafted to navigate and interact within complex settings. Robotic engineering plays a crucial role in Digit’s design, ensuring its advanced capabilities and seamless operation.

Recent aesthetic and operational enhancements indicate that with each step, Digit is not just mimicking human movement but also advancing robot design.

“Aesthetics and Build Quality”

Digit stands as a testament to robotic design, showcasing visual and structural brilliance, constructed from materials that include aluminum, thermoformed polycarbonate, and carbon fiber composites. This robust construction ensures that Digit can withstand the rigors of industrial work while maintaining a sleek appearance. Its teal color, cylindrical head, and animated LED ‘eyes’ are not just for show; they reflect an intentional design choice that prioritizes cosmetic appeal and functional utility, emblematic of the Agility Robotics brand.

The versatility of the robot is on par with its durability. Whether lifting plastic totes, maneuvering around boxes, or navigating the shelf-lined aisles of a warehouse, Digit’s build quality ensures it can handle the tasks at hand with the same ease as picking an apple from a tree.

This combination of strength and elegance positions Digit as a leading figure in the next generation of industrial automation.

“Navigating Digit’s Interface and Controls”

Digit’s Linux-based real-time system, the intelligence behind its power, features a user-friendly robotic interface for those accustomed to modern computing platforms. The high-level tasks are managed on a secondary computer, indicating a user interface that is intuitive and straightforward for end-users. For those looking to push the envelope, Digit can accommodate additional computing units like an Intel NUC or Nvidia Jetson, expanding its capabilities in perception and machine learning.

With a screen’s touch or a command prompt, operators can steer Digit through a variety of environments. Its advanced sensors and fluid motion allow it to tackle complex tasks alongside humans, proving that human-robot interaction is no longer a distant dream but a tangible, workable reality.

“Digit in Action: Real-World Applications”

Agility Robotics Digit standing

Real-world performance is the ultimate litmus test for any technology, and various sectors have put Digit through rigorous testing. From the controlled settings of an Amazon research and development center to the bustling floors of a SPANX facility, Digit has demonstrated an impressive range of capabilities, including:

  • Picking and placing objects with precision
  • Navigating complex environments
  • Collaborating with human workers
  • Adapting to changing tasks and environments

Digit’s versatility makes it a prime example of robotic applications, showcasing how it can be integrated into various industries.

These tests hint at a future where robots and humans, each with their own unique skills, work side by side for the same company.

With Agility Arc paving the way for semi-autonomous fleets, Digit’s potential seems boundless.

“Task Execution and Adaptability”

The design of Digit, with its advanced robotic capabilities, allows it to execute tasks with remarkable finesse. Whether it’s picking up objects up to 35 pounds, navigating uneven terrain, or climbing stairs, Digit performs with the adaptability expected of a human worker. Its bipedal form allows for tight-space navigation, and the unique backward leg configuration enhances its ability to interact closely with infrastructure like shelves.

In logistics and warehousing operations, the sight of Digit moving totes off shelves and onto conveyors is a testament to its practicality and integrative design. With end effector tooling tailored for these environments, Digit is not just a robot but a valuable team member capable of adapting to existing workflows. The vision for Digit’s future includes collaboration with an AMR fleet manager, which will further cement its role as a pivotal player in logistics operations.

However, adaptability is only one part of the equation. The demo at ProMAT and the partnership with companies like Amazon showcase Digit’s ability to not just perform tasks but to learn and evolve with the environment. This insight into Digit’s operations provides a glimpse into a future where robots like Digit deal with the complexities of real-world scenarios in an effective and seamless manner.

“Efficiency and Reliability Assessment”

Efficiency and safety are paramount in warehousing, and Digit delivers on these fronts with exceptional robotic performance. The Agility Arc platform offers a window into Digit’s operational health, tracking critical KPIs such as uptime and throughput, which are crucial for maintaining a productive workflow. With a payload capacity designed specifically for the demands of warehouses and manufacturing, Digit proves its worth as a reliable and efficient assistant.

While no technology is without its challenges, the evidence suggests that Digit has the ability to meet the high standards of industrial environments. Data from Agility Arc supports its performance in the field, which speaks volumes about its dependability and potential return on investment for businesses considering its adoption.

“The Bottom Line: Is Digit Worth the Investment?”

Reflecting on Digit’s capabilities and performance prompts a critical question: is the investment worthwhile? With significant funding behind its development and a broad potential market spanning logistics to in-home assistance, Digit is more than just a sophisticated piece of machinery—it’s a symbol of Agility Robotics’ visionary approach to the future of automated tech. Robotic investment in such advanced technologies can yield substantial returns, making it an attractive option for forward-thinking investors.

The culmination of over a decade of research in legged locomotion, Digit’s novel architecture promises energy efficiency and adaptability in various applications. Experts in the field have praised Digit for its technical prowess and for not only advancing robotics research but also providing practical solutions for businesses and people with mobility impairments.

Considering the investment, the potential returns in efficiency, and the innovative edge it can bring to an organization, Digit seems to be a solid investment for those willing to embrace the next wave of industrial automation.


From its award-winning design to its real-world versatility, Digit from Agility Robotics has demonstrated the potential to be a transformative force in industrial automation. By blending sophisticated design with practical functionality, Digit stands ready to take on the challenges of modern workspaces. Whether it’s the fine-tuned control of its interface or its adaptability in complex environments, Digit has paved the way for a robotic future where robots and humans work in harmony, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of human-robot interaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Digit different from other robots on the market?

Digit stands out from other robots on the market due to its robotic innovation, advanced sensors, innovative leg design for dynamic movement, and its capability to navigate complex environments alongside humans. Its integration with the Agility Arc platform for operations management and recent aesthetic enhancements further differentiate it from other robots.

Is Digit’s setup process complicated?

No, Digit’s setup process is designed for ease with a robotic setup, clear instructions, and a compact design, making it straightforward and efficient.

Can Digit operate in environments with uneven terrain and tight spaces?

Yes, Digit’s robotic mobility allows it to operate in environments with uneven terrain and tight spaces due to its bipedal, dynamically stable design and ‘backward’ legs that enhance maneuverability.

How does Agility Arc contribute to Digit’s efficiency?

Digit is more efficient because Agility Arc gives them robotic management, operational visibility, and key performance indicators. This makes it easier to manage multiple units and shows that they are moving toward scalable, semi-autonomous fleets.

Has Digit been effectively used in real-world settings?

Yes, Digit has been effectively utilized in real-world settings across industries such as logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and research, demonstrating its practicality and adaptability through robotic deployment.


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